Last updated - 29/3/2020

Dear Member

Firstly, I sincerely hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. This is a difficult time for all of us - the situation we find ourselves in can be very unsettling and scary.  However, there is a huge amount of evidence that maintaining some kind of routine, keeping active and keeping in touch with our community can seriously boost our mood and wellbeing. 

Beechdown wants to help. 

Following on from my 'So sad, we're closing…..' email, I have some exciting news!  Starting tomorrow, we have a packed programme to keep the whole family entertained and active. We plan to launch a new timetable online, through our website and social media community, completely free! 

And, we have set up a voluntary fundraising initiative to support the NHS and Care Workers too, but more of that later.

Our plan is to bring you a Live Streamed Virtual Class at 11 am everyday.

Tanya, our Group Exercise Manager, will be running the sessions this week, which you can do from the comfort of your own home. These will be for everyone to get involved with, completely free. If you don't have bar and weights, don't worry, we'll be suggesting how you can use commonplace household items to keep fit, active and working out together! 

This programme will be launching tomorrow (Monday 30th March), with live streamed classes running at least 3 days this week.  We are working on a few logistical issues, but we intend that next week will an extended Live Streamed programme, with more instructors and most days.

There's still plenty of pre-recorded content available too. Check our Facebook page and the website to access these, anytime!

If you enjoy them, please remember to like and share the videos so your friends and family can benefit from them too!

Here's the Fitness Programme for the next 7 days

To make sure not to miss out on any of the programme below, make sure to follow us on:

Instagram: @beechdownclub

Facebook:  Beechdown Health Club


MONDAY, that's tomorrow
Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am on Facebook and Instagram
11.00am live streamed GRIT Cardio with Tanya, on Facebook Live. We will then launch these on Instagram and the Beechdown website from 12.30pm - perfect for your lunchtime workout.

Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am on Facebook and Instagram

Don’t be a fool, Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am on Facebook and Instagram
11.00am Live Streamed Synergy Strength with Tanya, on Facebook Live.  Available again on Instagram and our website from 12.30pm

Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am Facebook and Instagram

Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am Facebook and Instagram
11am Live Streamed HIIT with Tanya, on Facebook Live.  Available again on Instagram and our website from 12.30pm

Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am Facebook and Instagram

Matt's Weekend Workout from 10.00am  Facebook, Instagram and website

Wake-Up, Workout from 7.00am Facebook and Instagram

Tanya and Ava's Family Workout, Live Streamed at 10.00am. Obviously, more fun if you have child, but personally I can't wait to join in with this!!!  


We understand how tiring home-schooling must be, so Beechdown wants to offer you a break.  So, tune in to Facebook at 7.00pm for Suzanne's Bedtime Story.  Every day!  Your chance for a bit of 'Me-Time' and a little glass of something as the kids are enthralled with Suzanne's stories.

Matt's Sports Drills on Thursday at 3.00pm.  Facebook, Instagram and on our website

'Family Workout', LIVE streamed with Tanya and Ava this Sunday at 10.00am.  Suzanne and Archie's 'Active Kidz' next Sunday, alternating with Tanya.

Like and share the videos if you enjoy them so other parent heroes can have a break too.


We will be running a Virtual Quiz Night this Sunday at 7.00pm.  It'll be on the Webex platform - I'll send a link later in the week, just click and you're in.  There will be questions on Beechdown, on Basingstoke, on Food and Drink (thanks to Cat, our Brasserie Manager), plus music, general knowledge etc.  

We trialled the idea last week to family and friends, and I took part whilst having a family Sunday dinner! Honestly, such fun!!  Do NOT miss it.


Thanks to your amazing support, so far we have raised £1975 to be donated to the NHS and care workers. We intend to raise many times that amount in the next few weeks.  There will be opportunities for you to donate throughout our online programme, but it's all voluntary.  All our Virtual content is absolutely free, and can be shared with friends and family. We want to offer this to you, and try to support our local NHS Doctors and Nurses and Care Workers at the same time. If you can help me find a suitable local beneficiary, please email me. If a local route is not available, we'll donate to the national Heroes charity.

I'll be communicating Beechdown News at least twice a week for the foreseeable future.  If you don’t want to receive these emails, please tell me and I'll take you off the list.  Alternatively, if you have friends who don’t receive them yet, please emil me and I'll add them in.

As always, keep safe.  PLEASE!

Ian Minors

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