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Last updated - 24/05/2020

Dear Member

As you know The Beechdown Club closed on March 20th in line with Government instructions.  Since then, members are not being charged to keep their membership open.  Likewise, annual payers will have this time added to their year's membership.

We hope the complimentary Virtual programme of activities is helping you get through this crisis.  I attach next weeks programme, which also appears at the foot of this email.

When will the Club reopen?  I've conjectured below, meanwhile.....


There's a great line-up on Facebook Live tomorrow, starting with the Monday Chuckle, see below, then Baton Making with Suzanne in preparation for Baton Twirling, see below.

Then, BodyAttack, CX Worx and Pilates.  No need to plan anything for the's all on our Facebook page!

Baton Twirling, 9.30am

Twirling combines dance, agility, coordination, flexibility and is lots of fun. It is a sport. And is played worldwide. 
Sally is going to take you through a fun filled class following on from Suzanne’s arts and crafts where you'll be making your own batons and Pom-poms ready for the class!!!


Our Virtual-Class Instructors have made a video for you. 

It's on our Facebook page and later today will be on Instagram too.  Or click here to view


Lisa Tipping won a Beauty Voucher  with the following joke.

"What's the difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi?  People in Dubai don't like the Flintstones, but people in Abu Dhabi dooooooo".

Yes, I'm sorry, that IS the standard of joke that wins.  Please help!  I'm sure you can do better!!

Slight change to the timings!!  Post your joke in the 'Comments' box under the Facebook post after 8.40am tomorrow.  'Like' your favourite joke throughout the day to vote for the winner.  Competition closes at 9.00pm.  Sarah reads out the winning joke at the end of her Tuesday morning class at 8.30am

AROUND THE WORLD....Friday, 3.30pm

A terrific weekly feature to help the younger children learn about neighbouring countries.  Suzanne's country this week is Italy. Most children will associate Italy with pizza, so Suzanne will be demonstrating the processes behind one of the world's favourite foods.  Don't miss it.  Friday, 3.30pm   


We are encouraged that gyms are now open to the general public again in Czech Republic.  Swimming pools and leisure centres reopen in Denmark on August 1st.  So, we hope that the UK will follow suit.  In fact, we will be ready much earlier, just in case.  Six days a week we have staff working to ensure the Club is Covid-safe and ready to welcome you back with social distancing and hygiene processes all in place.

Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer, said 'it's much safer to do the same thing outdoors, than indoors....'.  So, not only are we working hard on the gym, studios and everywhere within the Club, but we are working even harder on all our outdoor facilities.  Plus, investing in new ones!  More details next week.

Lastly, don't forget to post an image of what you're having to eat on Tuesday evening.  'What's for Tea Tuesday'.  On Instagram and Facebook.  This week I want to see your REAL meal....I don't believe everybody only eats salad!!!!  Where's the chips and chocolate!  C'mon, get involved!!

I'll send you details of next week's programme next Sunday morning.  

Until then, stay safe


Ian Minors

Our Virtual Timetable


Bank Holiday Monday 25th

8.40am                   Monday Chuckle. Check Facebook to see our joke, then post yours.  Prizes

9.00am    New         Baton Making with Suzanne.  Glitter, PomPoms, empty kitchen roll, lemonade bottle, glue, paint

9.30am    New         Kid’s Baton Twirling LIVE with Sally. Ages 4+ Dance, agility, coordination. 30mins 

10.15am  New          BodyAttack LIVE with Tanya. High-energy with sports-inspired aerobics.               

11.10am  New Time   CX Worx LIVE with Sue.  You’ll need a weight, large can of veg, filled large bottle or similar 

12.00       New Time  Pilates LIVE with Mandy.  Posture, balance, flexibility.  Towel and mat required

7.00pm                    BedTime Stories LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories for 2 to 6 yrs, finishing with one for 7+

9.00pm   New Time   Monday Chuckle closes.  'Likes' counting starts, ready for the reveal tomorrow

Tuesday 26th  

8.00am                  Earlybird Bootcamp LIVE with Sarah.  No equipment needed

8.40am    New Time Sarah reads out the winning Monday Chuckle joke.                         

11.00am                BodyCombat LIVE with Sally.  Martial arts inspired cardio class

1.00pm                  Budokon Yoga LIVE with Anneke.  Yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, meditation        

3.30pm                  Competition Winner LIVE with Suzanne.  Announcing last week’s winner

6.15pm                  What’s for Tea Tuesday.  Post an image on FB or Instagram of what you’ve got for dinner.

7.00pm                  BedTime Stories LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories for 2 to 6 yrs, finishing with one for 7+

Wednesday 27th  

10.00am                BodyAttack LIVE with Tanya.  High-energy with sports-inspired aerobics

11am                     BodyPump LIVE with Tanya.  You’ll need weights and a step or improvise

3.30pm                  New Kid’s Competition LIVE with Suzanne

7.00pm                  BedTime Stories LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories for 2 to 6 yrs, finishing with one for 7+

Thursday 28th    

8.00am                  Earlybird Bootcamp LIVE with Sarah.  No equipment needed

11.00am                Barre LIVE with Mandy.  Lower body exercises.  You’ll need a dining chair handy

3.30pm                  Sports Drills with Simon. Fun tennis and sports activity for the 6 to 12 year olds

7.00pm                  BedTime Stories LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories for 2 to 6 yrs, finishing with one for 7+

Friday 29th    

9.00am                  Book tennis courts for the weekend.  Phone 07310 893155.  Until 10am and then 5 to 6pm

11.00am                BodyBalance LIVE with Sue.  Strength, flexibility and mind-calming.  You’ll need a mat

3.30pm                  Around the World with Suzanne, LIVE  Italy.  Fun facts about the country.  Making Pizza

7.00pm                  BedTime Stories LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories for 2 to 6 yrs, finishing with one for 7+

Saturday 30th    

8.30am                  Facebook Football Competition.  Predict 3 results.  Win a Burger, fries and a Pint

9.30am                  Rhyme Time LIVE with Suzanne.  Featuring music and puppets. 

10.00am                BodyAttack LIVE with Tanya. High-energy with sports-inspired aerobics.  Dress up in a Tutu

11.00am                Family Frolics LIVE with Tanya and Ava             

2.30am                  Budesliga Football Competition Closes.  

Sunday 31st   

9.00pm                  Sh’Bam LIVE with Sally.  A fun dance workout                                         

10.00am                Yoga LIVE with Anneke.  Breathing control, exercise and meditation 

11.00am                Pets Corner LIVE with Suzanne.  Stories and pictures of your pets.

Class Description

Class Descriptions and Equipment Needed

No equipment needed, unless specified


A fun-loving, insanely addictive dance workout. Sh’Bam is an ego-free zone – no dance expertise required. All you need is a playful attitude and a cheeky smile. Even if you think you can’t, you’ll end up realising you can!


A Hindu-inspired spiritual and ascetic discipline. Includes breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures. Widely practised for health and relaxation. Great for improving posture and flexibility


Budokon Yoga ius a movement system that incorporates martial arts, calisthenics, meditation and animal locomotion

BODYBALANCE Body Balance is a Yoga and Pilates workout that builds flexibility and strength. Carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses provides a holistic workout to bring the body into a state of harmony and balance. You’ll need a mat if you have one. Avoid working on slippery floor surface


These are 40-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that improve cardiovascular fitness, increase speed and maximise calorie burn. These workouts use a variety of body weight exercises and provide the challenge and intensity you need to get results fast.


Pilates is a form of exercise, like Yoga, which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being. Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. You’ll need maybe a towel for head support, and a mat if you have one


Body Combat is a cardio class inspired by martial arts where you can punch, kick and strike your way through a total body workout to motivating music. Expect to burn heaps of calories and feel great while you're doing it! No equipment needed


A fast-paced, barbell-based workout that's specifically designed to help you get lean, toned and fit. In this 30 minute workout you’ll need a barbell with a variety of weights and, ideally, a step. Or use anything from bottles of water to tins of beans to add resistance


Barre classes focus on the lower body, developing strength and flexibility from the ankles up though the calves, knees, thighs, and glutes. You’ll need a chair handy to help stabilise you at times


A fun and challenging 30 minute workout for all abilities. All you’ll need is some space and motivation to work hard and have some fun while doing it!!! A mat, or towel, to lie on would be helpful, but not essential


A high-intensity cardio workout designed to build strength and stamina. This high-energy class combines sports-inspired athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises


Grab the whole family for a fun filled workout that everyone can take part in, get the kids involved burning off energy whilst having fun. 20 minutes with a mixture of games and exercise setting you up for the day ahead.

Suitable for ages 3 to 10years

Alternating, Tanya and Ava, then Suzanne and Archie


CX Worx is a 30-minute core-training workout that uses your body weight and weight to tighten and tone your midsection. Exercises are designed to improve your functional strength for better mobility and injury prevention. You’ll need a plate weight or kitchen tin or weighted water bottle

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