Beechdown Membership Requests

Please complete the form on this page if you would like to suspend or cancel your membership.

Suspension Terms and Conditions

• There is a minimum suspension period of 2-months and a maximum period of 12-months.

• If you pay monthly by Direct Debit there is a one-off £15 admin fee and a monthly fee of £5 per adult.  There’s no charge for children.

• If you pay annually, there’s a one-off charge of £30 and then the length of time you have been frozen will get calculated on your return and added onto your annual renewal date.

• If you’re in a joint membership, one party may suspend whilst the other party can remain active and continue to pay the reduced joint rate until the suspended member returns.

• There will be NO additional payments (such as joining fees) when you unsuspend your membership. 

Please note that if you are currently in a minimum 12-month contract any period of suspension does not count towards the minimum number of Direct Debit payments you are due to make. Any payments remaining at the time of suspension will remain due and recommence on a monthly basis once the period of suspension has ended.

Cancellation Terms and Conditions

• You may only cancel if you're not in a 12-month contract

• You must give one Full Calendar Month's Notice to cancel

• If you cancel, you may re-join at any point but you will be subjected to full joining fees 

Please note that cancellation of your Direct Debit Instruction is not accepted as a request to terminate your membership

Making changes to your Membership

• Any changes to your membership such as upgrading or downgrading to a different category must be done by the 15th of the month either by filling out a form online, at reception or by emailing Requests made after the 15th of the month may not be valid until a later month.

If you have any questions concerning your membership, please contact our membership admin team directly by emailing -

Please list all members linked to your account, together with any desired changes to their status.

Please note that the completion of this form does not constitute confirmation of your request. Our membership admin team will be in touch via email to confirm this once the form has been received. It is your obligation to ensure that your contact details are up to date.

Ensure any changes to your postal, email address or telephone number are notified to us. We cannot be responsible for any communications that do not reach you because you did not update your contact details.

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